Sunday, 4 May 2014

An Introduction.

This is my first blog post and it may also be my last.  I am plagued with the question, "Why blog?" 

It seems to me a self-indulgent and also somewhat pointless endeavor.  Do I really need to add my voice to the millions already shouting in the wilderness of the world wide web?  Do I have anything remotely interesting, original or creative to say?  I can't establish myself as an expert on any subject other than that of my own personal life.  Yes, I have opinions, but everyone does.   Who cares what I have to say?  Even this self-doubt , which I am now expressing, seems to me to be tired and cliche.

Blog.  Blog.  BLAAAAWWWG.  Ugh.  The word is clunky and assures me that this is not glamorous or elegant endeavour.  It sounds like vomiting.  Yes, that is it.  This shall be a purging of my mind and those who look on may be disgusted or simply ignore me, like those walking past a desperate homeless person begging for change.  Instead, I hold out my hand and ask, "spare some attention."  Perhaps some kind person will stop and hear me.

But this is more about the process of writing.  The internet has told me to start a blog to improve and practice my writing.  This is really what inspired to do what I'm doing.  This is a place to play and express myself in whatever damn way I please.  Yes, I need to shout into the wilderness.  "BLAAAAAAAWWWG!"

That feels better.

So, hello.  My name is Andrew.  I write SF/F stories but as of yet am unpublished.  I am a husband and father of two young boys.  I work in a dull, low-paying yet comfortable middle management job.  I am an under-achiever.  I dropped out of university after three (or was it four?) years studying philosophy and English.  I moved to the city with my friends and played bass guitar in different bands for several years in my twenties.  Then I met my wife.  And here I am now.  I smoke and know that I should quit.

I might do some blogging.